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BIOMAC 36M Review Meeting | Press Release
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The BIOMAC project is entering its final year and with a few more milestones to achieve, several results and achievements have been reached in the last 18 months, but let’s proceed in good order. 

Pilot Lines (PL): The BIOMAC Pilot Lines serve for the upscaling of multifunctional nanostructured materials, all 17 PLs have been upgraded, meaning that technological improvements were implemented and now their overall capabilities have largely increased. On the page of the Pilot Plant Supreme Hub, you can check all the upgrades for each Pilot Line. 

New products: the validation of the PL capabilities has manifested in the development of five categories of biobased products developed by BIOMAC partners (Internal Test Cases). 

  • NOVAMONT realized the prototypes of growing pots and soil mulch films using bio-polyester and starch-based biomaterial, making full use of 4 Pilot Lines. 
  • DIAD developed the prototype for a sun visor for cars utilizing biomaterials and refining processes from 8 Pilot Lines. 
  • EVERSIA is currently developing intermediate materials for food packaging applications, using cellulosic pulp, hemicellulose, lignin, nano lignin, and nano cellulose).
  • ACCIONA is working on the intermediate materials for the realization of a footbridge module to be used in the construction industry. The large-scale printing of the module will take place soon. 5 Pilot Lines are involved in this process.
  • PRECURE is developing prototypes of printed electronics wearables, utilizing materials already available on the market and others produced by the consortium (like Water-based PU resins). 5 Pilot Lines are involved in this process.

OITB services: besides the activities of the Pilot Lines, BIOMAC partners are also developing additional sets of complementary services, organized in the Market Uptake Hub, Validation Hub and Value Chain Hub. These complementary services are in place and ready to be issued to the SMEs accessing the OITB. 

The BIOMAC Open Call: In the course 2023, the BIOMAC Open Call has selected new Test Cases (6), coming from companies outside the consortium. They will benefit, free of charge, from the services of the Pilot Lines and the complementary hubs in order to upscale their ideas and prototypes. These new proposals come from sectors such as packaging, 3d printing, cosmetics, bioplastics, and audio-visual. 

Access the OITB services: after the end of BIOMAC (December 2024), the Open Innovation Test Bed will remain active, and new SMEs will be able to access the Pilot Lines and the Complementary Services via a formal application and a fixed fee, Applicants will liaise with the single-entry point (SEP) constituted by IBB GmbH. 

Be ready to expect more news and updates in the course 2024, the validation of new products, the release of new informative material and the new opportunities offered by the BIOMAC OITB.