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OITB Stakeholder Workshop December 2-3
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Are you a member of an Open Innovation Test Bed (OITB) or a company interested in upscaling nanotechnology-based Medical and Diagnosis Devices, Sustainable Nano-functionalized Flexible Plastic and Paper Surfaces and Membranes or Biobased Nanomaterials?

The "Second OITB workshop" is a fully online event for the 2nd and 3rd of December 2021, organized by Safenmt and FlexFunction2 Sustain. The core aim of this workshop is to promote experience exchange and networking between OITBs (1st session on December 2nd) and promote OITBs as a service to the industry (2nd session, December 3rd).

The workshop agenda includes a slot dedicated to success stories from OITB open calls and use cases.

To register for the workshop, click here!

OITBs like BIOMAC are a set of entities in the EU that provide common access to physical facilities, capabilities and services required for the development, testing and upscaling of nanotechnology and advanced materials in industrial environments. The BIOMAC OITB will develop tailor-made solutions for producing and integrating nanomaterials across the bio-based value chain and will offer services that cover the assessment of regulation and safety, sustainability, circularity, market potential along with modelling, process control, standardization and characterization.