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After almost two years of work, the BIOMAC project is ready to offer its services to the best European small and medium Enterprises, as well as Research Centers working in the field of bio-nanomaterials!

The Open Innovation Test Bed (OITB) created by BIOMAC, is a true collaborative ecosystem that offers technological and market-oriented services covering the complete value chain, the four Hubs of the OITB provide the following opportunities.

Pilot Plant Supreme Hub

Here you will be able to access the technological facilities of the 17 Pilot lines developed by BIOMAC, which are at your disposal for upscaling your Test Case. The pilot lines are gathered in three main clusters:

  • Biomass Fractionation & pre-treatment Cluster
  • Intermediate Materials & Nanocomposite Cluster
  • Final Products & Formulation Cluster

Validation Hub

The services provided in this Hub will examine the feedstock, the technologies and the products from chemical, environmental, and economical perspective. The specific services offered are about:

  • Quality Control & Characterization
  • Standardization assessment
  • Process Validation – Modelling

Value chain Hub

These services are dedicated to the assessment of the value chains, focussing on:

  • Sustainability Assessment (LCA and LCC)
  • Smoothness of the supply Management
  • Adherence to Circular Economy principles

Market uptake Hub

The services provided here are aimed at supporting and ensuring the market uptake of your solution by addressing the business, legal and data handling issues. The specific services offered are:

  • Innovation Management
  • Health and Safety
  • Regulation analysis
  • Data management

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How to apply?

An Open Call will be launched in December 2022, with the aim of selecting 5 additional test cases (textiles, medical-biomedical, tissue engineering, single used items, etc.,) utilizing biobased nanomaterials.

What are the stages of the Open call?

15th December 2022: Open Call starting date

30th April 2023: First cut-off date: Final submission of test case proposals for preliminary evaluation. Inadequate or incomplete proposals may submit corrections until the final cut-off.

15th June 2023: Final cut-off date: Last day for submission of test case proposals. No corrections or amendments possible after this date.

The selected test cases will be implemented by the BIOMAC consortium from September 2023 to December 2024.

Applicants will liaise with BIOMAC’s single entry point (SEP) constituted by the Industrielle Biotechnologie Bayern Netzwerk GmbH (IBB). A call for Innovation Concepts will be designed based on questionnaires filled in by the applicants. All the members of the OITB will participate to cover all aspects of innovation.

The main selection parameters will be the proof of TRL 4-5 of the applicants’ cases, the feasibility study and the complexity of the test cases. Another aspect is that all 17 PLs must be utilized during the implementation of the open call test cases.

Online presentation of the open call will be streamed on the 14th December. Stay tuned for more details.