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Results of the BIOMAC Open Call | New Test Cases for the Bioeconomy
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In December 2022, the BIOMAC project launched its Open Call for the expression of interest for free access to the services of the OITB. The Open Call was addressed to industries and more focused on SMEs.

The goal of the Open Call was to validate the function of the Open Innovation Test Bed (OITB) via the selection and implementation of at least 5 new intra Test Cases (intraTeCs). These new concepts will be upscaled for market applications via the free services offered by the BIOMAC OITB.

By the closing of the Open call, in June 2023, 19 applications had been received from SMEs, located in 10 different countries. The market sectors of the applicants were versatile, including packaging, adhesives, pharmacy and 3D printing.

Six of them have been selected and, starting from September 2023, the provision of Pilot Plants and Complementary services has commenced. A wide range of services was requested from BIOMAC, revolving around our core hub of pilot lines. This process will last until December 2024, with the completion of the SMEs path inside the OITB and the end of the BIOMAC project. Out of these six selected companies, four are SMES and two are large enterprises.

Most of our applicants (91%) came upon the concept of the OITB for the first time! This highlights the important role of the Open Call, in familiarizing innovative companies with the goals and benefits of OITBs, which are entities offering access to physical facilities, capabilities and services required for the development, testing and upscaling of nanotechnology and advanced materials in industrial environments.

The end of the project (financed under the EU programme Horizon2020) will not mean the end of the OITB. The innovation ecosystem will in fact stay up and running.

Starting from January 2025, the OITB will be open to applications for advancing innovative bio-based nanocomposite concepts at competitive prices.