The use of different biomaterials and NBMs will be validated in agricultural applications. Succinic and lactic acid will be derived from biomass and will be used as monomers in the development of completely biodegradable succinate and PLA biopolymers. Both biopolymers will be nano-reinforced with nano lignin, nano biochar, nanocellulose, etc., to create materials with enhanced mechanical properties and decreased water vapor transmission rates, as well as with antioxidant/optical properties and UV/thermal resistance appropriate for mulch films, injection-molded clips, thermoformed/injection molded pots, seeds coating, coating for controlled-release fertilization etc., to be used in agriculture. Biopolymers and nano additives will contribute to soil amendment and remediation after biodegradation of bioplastics in soil, to improve technical performances while increasing soil health and quality. In particular, the biodegradation in soil is a key property to reduce the impact of conventional applications (non biodegradable) with a high risk of dispersion in the environment and a short life cycle. Biodegradable in soil materials are not accumulating in the environment and do not produce ecotoxic effect in the end of life environment (soil).