Goals – Impact
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The ultimate goals of the BIOMAC OITB are to help:
  • Tackle obstacles that hinder the evolution of concept development in the field of nano-enabled bio-based materials and products, providing a unique opportunity of testing ideas in a well-structured open environment
  • Industrialise a new generation of nano-enabled bio-based materials
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Expected impacts
  • Setting up of a transversal service mechanism with 17 PLs upgraded at TRL7
  • Contribution to innovation in the field of bio-based materials
  • Increase of the number of SMEs accesing OITB through the open call, supported by dissemination and business exploitation plans
  • Reduction of bio-based concepts development
  • Reduction of concept to prototype component to under eight months
  • Enabling of the cost-effective production of high-value nano-enabled biomaterials that can address performance challenges
  • Elimination of the barrier of stakeholders to realise new ideas accessing new and unexplored markets and creating new ones via the Market Uptake complementary services