Resins Pilot Line (FH-WKI, DE)

In PL12, monomers from PL3, such as succinic acid, glycerol, EG, 1,2-PDO and sugar alcohols will be used as starting materials for bio-based polyester and polyurethane resins. For UV-curing applications, bio-based itaconic acid or acrylic acid will also be incorporated into the polymers. The resins will be synthesized by azeotropic polycondensation or polyaddition reactions. These polymer resins will be used as starting materials for UV-curing materials in additive manufacturing (PL15) and printing ink application (PL16). In addition, the resins can be formulated for coatings and additive manufacturing purposes and applied on different substrates. UV-curing of samples, as well as DLP and SLA-machine for additive manufacturing is available. The materials will be synthesized in reactors on lab-scale (up to 2 kg) and small pilot scale (up to 4 kg) in a double-walled steel reactor.

pilot lines templates image
pilot lines templates image

A larger 30 L steel reactor for polycondensation reaction will be acquired to be able to provide larger batches of polymer resins.