Coating Formulation PL (ITENE, ES)

PL14 is a pilot line for the formulation of biobased inks and coatings. PL14 use biobased materials developed in others pilot lines or commercial suppliers. These materials are mixed, dispersed and homogenized with other compounds needed in the formulation. Solvent-based and water-based inks can be developed for different printing methods, such as inkjet, flexography, rotogravure, and screen printing.

This pilot line was made up of mixing and dispersing equipment with a capacity of up to 2 litres per batch.

pilot lines templates image
pilot lines templates image

During the first months of the BIMAC project, the formulation processes of the different coatings and inks have been upgraded by improving the equipment for mixing and dispersion processes (pictures attached). This upgrade has allowed to increase the formulation capacity up to 20 litres per batch increasing the effectiveness of formulation processes and bringing coating production processes closer to a real environment, with good results of homogeneity and dispersion of the formulations.

In BIOMAC Project, barrier coatings for packaging applications and printed electronics are being developed in PL14.