Additive manufacturing (AM) (AIMEN, ES)

PL15 will cover the value chain from product engineering to the final product manufacturing related to two 3D printing technologies for biobased materials processing: Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) for thermoplastic TPU (LIST) polymers and photopolymerization (SPP & MPP) for bio-based resins (FH-WKI). PL15 consists of a prototype composed by physical infrastructure and a digital process pipeline. Infrastructure for FFF process integrates: 1) Pellets extruder for creation of thermoplastic pellets, with customized percentage of nano-additives. 2) a FFF multinozzle and high temperature printing machine enabling a part manufacturing (up to 420 x 590 x 400 mm), and temperatures monitoring; 3) a robotized FFF printing head to extend the building volume and freedom for manufacturing complex geometries. Infrastructure for photopolymerization process implemented in isolated pulsed lasers from picosecond to femtosecond pulse-width, with wavelength in the UV-Vis-NIR, including the optics to focus the laser beam, the mechanical axes to manufacture parts up to 10 cm x 10 cm, specific illumination, and equipment for post-curing process. The digital pipeline available will transform the parts design into a 3D printing.

pilot lines templates image
pilot lines templates image

New extruders (Pellets extruders) will enable the multi-material robotized printing in case of FFF technology, extending the number of materials that can be processed for one part manufacturing. Hardware and software control will be developed to implement quality control manufacturing, and process control based on thermal cameras will be incorporated to the FFF process. For SPP and MPP, the modification optimization of the resins obtained in other BIOMAC-PLs will studied to add the specific photoinitiator (PI). A system made of a laboratory cuvette, semiautomatic resin dispenser and substrate gripper, synchronized with the laser microfabrication workstation will be set for the SPP experiments. A new set of microscope objectives will be incorporated to SPP/MPP setup for fast fabrication of 3D precise structures.