R2R Nanopatterning & thermoforming

PL17 will offer the complete manufacturing value chain for the production of large area micro/nano structured surfaces. PL17 will combine high resolution ICT lithography processes with advance nanomanufacturing methods. Partner Nanotypos will offer the full production and mass replication on micro/nanostructured surfaces by using a combination of processes.

PL17 introduces a 3-layer blow film roll to roll embossing extruder with a useful width of up to 350 mm and a production capacity of 30Kg/h – 40Kg/h. The main advantage of our PL is the ability to produce in a continuous (roll to roll) mode micro/nano structure film (for example PLA). This will be achieved with the implementation of a hot embossing unit along the blow film extruder line thus allowing us to produce hybrid functional films.

pilot lines templates cover 1
pilot lines templates cover 2

An upgrade of our existing 200 mm wide web roll to roll hot embossing pilot line will be achieve through the upgrade of our embossing units. The fabrication of large area micro/nano structures master moulds and their replication in a meter-to-meter fashion will be the key element of our pilot line upgrade.

Micro/nano textured bio-based film surfaces will be developed for food packaging applications. Depending on the final application the objective is to create functional film packaging products either in thin film format or in plastic container format. The fabricated food packaging product will have increased anti-bacterial properties reducing by 90% the possibility of bactericidal accumulation. In addition, the incorporation of NL and BNC within the PLA matrix will allow us to further increase the barrier and mechanical properties of the final products. The processed films depending on their final use will have a thickness of 50μm up to 300 μm with a processing with of up to 450mm.