Hydrolysis of fibre sludge and BNC production (RISE, SE)

The pilot line (PL2) consists of:

  • Stirred tank bioreactors in the range of 50L to 600L. The bioreactors are used for enzymatic hydrolysis of solid material and bacterial fermentation of the sugars generated in the hydrolysates to bacterial nanocellulose (BNC).
  • Of various units for downstream processing such as filter presses, centrifuges, pumps, media tanks and drying devices, all of which will be used or tested for continuous production of BNC.
pilot lines templates image
pilot lines templates image

Currently, enzymatic hydrolysis is executed in a 50L bioreactor containing a powerful stirrer which is required due to handling of viscous material. PL2 will be upgraded with a hydrolysis reactor of size 500-700L in order to produce larger volumes of hydrolysate needed for BNC production. The hydrolysis reactor can also serve as washing tank for purification of the BNC. The BNC is produced in a 600L bioreactor and harvested through filtration using a filter press fitted with appropriate filters or through centrifugation using a continuous high-speed centrifuge. Filtration through a filter unit will also be tested. The centrifuge may need an upgrade to a more suitable device and the filtering devices may need upgrades such as appropriate pumps and filters.