Hydrothermal pre-treatment of biomass

Experience in treating the following lignocellulosic raw materials:

  • Lignocellulosic crops: miscanthus, wood, wheat straw, bark,…
  • Agro-industrial side streams: paper pulp, spent grains, bagasse, press cakes, stillage,...
  • Agronomic by-products: corn stover, corn cobs, husk, fibre, stems, leaves, verge grass,…

What BBEPP offers:

  • Mechanical, thermal, physicochemical and enzymatic pre-treatment of biomass feedstocks
  • A wide spectrum of modular operation units, operating at various lab and pilot scale
    • Reactors for chemical pretreatment of biomass (0.5 L – 5400 L )
    • Reactors for enzymatic hydrolysis of biomass (bench – 50 000 L)
    • Dewatering and concentration equipment: CHAMBER FILTER PRESSES (Large Pilot Unit (ATEX proven)), DECANTER CENTRIFUGES (Large Pilot Unit)
    • Auxiliary equipment: Milling, thermal treatment
pilot lines templates cover 1
pilot lines templates cover 2
  • Improvement of biomass fractionation capabilities by implementation grinding and milling equipment for the size reduction of biomass prior to hydrolysis.
  • Improvement of process handling with an automated chemical (base/acid) dosing system of the hydrolysis tanks (8 000 L).