Enzymatic Hydrolysis & Microbial Fermentation for SA and LA (ATB, DE)

Succinic and lactic acid (SA/LA) from several feedstock streams will be produced by ATB at laboratory and pilot-scale using several fermentation approaches. (1) Enzymatic hydrolysis depolymerizing biopolymers like starch, cellulose to fermentative sugar glucose (C6) and xylose (C5), by means of hydrolytic enzymes; (2) Fermentation metabolizing sugars to LA and SA; (3) Separation and purification of lactic/succininc acid purification to meet the standards of commercial applications; (4) Up-scaling of the entire process chain including downstream processing for the provision of product samples in kg-scale and high quality. Fermentation and biomass composition can be followed conveniently by NIR as done by IRIS in prior PERCAL and AgriMax projects.

pilot lines templates image
pilot lines templates image

A stable continuous process improves the entire productivity, online measurement devices to get quicker results of different steps especially for DSP will be evaluated. At line measurement devices to get quicker results of the different steps from the upstream (hydrolysis) via bioconversion (fermentation) up to downstream processing (separation and purification of LA and SA) will be needed across with process optimization to attain high productivities of the main products (LA, SA) by changing parameters such as carbon source feeding regime to avoid substrate inhibition, the optimum dry matter content and the best nutrient supplementation for several bacteria.