Biomass carbonization

The PL8 can process biomass and biomass fractions at rate between 0.5 up to 50kg/h of input material at temperatures up to 850°C, producing porous solid carbons, liquids rich in phenolic compounds and organic acids, and combustible gases. Solid carbons with high porosity and tunable surface functionality, and controllable electrical conductivity, suitable for additives for packaging polymers, printed electronics, building materials, animal feed additives and agricultural products (fertilisers and soil amendment) can be produced by this facility. The PL control and monitoring system (control of temperature in multiple zones to achieve a desired temperature profile, kiln rotation speed, biomass feed control, based on inputs from sensors monitoring quality of feed and product) will be upgraded, an improved feed preparation and feeding system will be added to enable handling of diverse feedstock materials including nanomaterials. In addition, sensors for feedstock composition monitoring and product quality monitoring will be added as well as environmental emissions monitoring system with improve burner control system to minimize emissions.

The pilot line is currently controlled using a control unit equipped with 1x Magelis XBTGT4330 HMI. The desired temperature in each of the three independent heating zone can be set and the controller will ensure this is achieved and maintained. There are a number of interlocks includes ensuring that afterburner chamber with propane burner is ignited and running before any biomass can be fed into the unit if the temperature is a above certain pre-set limit. Similarly, for shut-down, afterburner switches off automatically only after the main kiln temperature drops below a pre-set level. At the moment there is no feedback loop to control the gas burner output and air supply to maintain steady temperature in the afterburner chamber and minimize emissions, responding to changes in volume and composition of pyrolysis gases.

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