BIOMAC consists of four phases:

Pre-population, population, strategic partnership, and growth. During the pre-population phase (WP1 and WP2), collaboration between all the Hubs will be established to develop the first concepts and TeCs and define requirements for services offered as an One-Stop-Shop. WP2 will deal with the upgrades of the PLs, developing thus the necessary infrastructure for the implementation of WP3 “Pilot Plant Supreme Hubs Services”. In WP3, existing inter TeCs will be upscaled in order to be validated in operational environment reaching TRL7. In parallel to this, the other three WPs will start their operation where Validation (WP4), Market Uptake and Value chain Hub services will be developed. Following, the population phase (WP 3-4) will create an initial portfolio of pilot clusters and innovation services in order to support the ecosystem.

the project chart