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One year of BIOMAC
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With 2021 approaching to its end, the BIOMAC project is celebrating its first year of life. BIOMAC (European Sustainable BIO-based nanoMAterials Community) is a Horizon2020 project that will establish an Open Innovation Test Bed (OITB), a true collaborative ecosystem where technologies and solutions utilizing nano-enabled bio-based materials (NBMs) will be upscaled and prepared for market applications.

It is one of the largest EU projects ever funded, gathering 34 partners from all over Europe and will go on until 2024. The first year of project’s life has seen the kick start of all major activities, like the organizational set-up, the launch of the website, the communication activities and the upgrading of the Pilot lines, the core of BIOMAC.


The Pilot lines (PL) are actual facilities dedicated to the production a nanomaterials and are divided in three main clusters:

  • Biomass Fractionation & Pre-treatment Cluster (PL1, PL2)
  • Intermediate Materials & Nanocomposite Cluster (PL3-PL7)
  • Final Products & Formulation Cluster (PL8-PL17)
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In 2021, the Pilot lines runned by several project partners have been assembled and refined, thus getting ready to fully operate in 2022. To give you a glimpse on the activities carried out:

  • Project coordinator AUTH has completed PL3, which produces Sugar derived polyols and diols by catalytic hydrogenation/hydrogenolysis. Thesee PL will start operations in early 2022.
  • Fraunhofer WKI upgraded PL12, thus making it able to produce significant amounts of polymer resins (up to 25 kg) in one reaction. Additionally, they synthesized and formulated bio-based polyester resins for additive manufacturing processes (3D-printing).
  • ATB, leading the work on PL 7, is producing two monomers: lactic (LA) and succinic acid (SA). These two monomers are instrumental for other Pilot Lines and the real life applications that BIOMAC will demonstrate.
  • AIMEN, leading the work on PL15, has started the upgrading phase by completing the two different experimental sets dedicated to the two different 3D printing technologies to be developed.
  • LUT, leading the work in PL1, is finalizing assembly of all the needed components. This will allow the installation of a continuous biomass feeder.
  • ACCIONA, leading the Construction Test Case, has carried out a preliminary CAD design of a footbridge that will be produced within the project.
  • ITENE, leading the work in PL13, installed the recirculation system for the continuous production of nanocellulose. In December 2021 they started continuous nanocellulose extraction tests, preparing the ground for the optimal continuous extraction during 2022.


In 2021 BIOMAC saw the addition of a new partner, IBB, who will deal with organizational aspects of the BIOMAC ecosystem and will act as a single entry point to the ecosystem, closely cooperating with EUBP. Partners like UNIPD, POLIMI, STAM have actively contributed over other project aspects, like market uptake strategies, ecosystem monitoring and materials characterization.

Other partners promoted BIOMAC in online events and conferences around Europe, like EUBP during the 16th European Bioplastic Conference or EUBIA during the 29th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition.

In September 2021, BIOMAC also supported the organization of the 5th EuchemS conference on Green and Sustainable Chemistry.
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As part of the Clustering activities and cooperation with other stakeholders, BIOMAC has participated in an online workshop together with the sister projects, INN-PRESSME, Bionanopolys and BIOMAT.

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2021 allowed the BIOMAC team to organize some visits and meetings between the partners involved in the Pilot lines, here’s a brief overview.

cnano visiting auth
CNANO visiting AUTH
auth visit to cnano
AUTH visit to CNANO
auth visits wki

preliminary CAD design of the footbridge, developed by ACCIONA

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2021 has been a challenging but positive year for the BIOMAC project. We are looking forward to the beginning of the new year and for the new activities set to start in January 2022. The BIOMAC team wishes you happy holidays and a great start for the new year.