Market Uptake Hub
The second group of services is structured to support business, legalization and data handling issues:
Innovation Management

These activities will ensure the effective deployment of the exploitation plan provided by the clients of the ecosystem. (EXE) The innovation margins of each result will be identified in market terms. (UNIPD) BIOMAC will provide a variety of innovation management tools that will ensure the prerequisite actions to be taken in order to reinforce the Exploitation Strategy with qualitative and quantitative measures. Innovation management will work in parallel with all other activities of the ecosystem and will indicate the customer segments and which value propositions they require/need. (EXE)

Health and Safety

A safe-by-design approach will be applied across the value chains to reduce potential health, safety and environmental risks at an early phase in the innovation process, allowing the identification and management of uncertainties and potential risks Health & Safety (H&S). (UBU) Of special importance is also the use of nanomaterials which should comply to Nanosafety issues in terms of handling however as well as on release from the biopolymer’s matrix. (ISQ, UBU)


An assessment of regulation to ensure partnering in the commercialization phase of a technologies, securing compatibility and reducing market uncertainties. (EUBIA, EUBP)

Data Management

Will carry out the Data governance, Analysis and Design, Database Management, Security, and quality assurance. (RDC, IDE).


An Open Call targeted to end users will be launched here in December 2022, with the aim of selecting 5 additional TeCs (textiles, medical-biomedical, tissue engineering, single-used items, etc.,) utilizing biobased nanomaterials. The Open Call will last for 6 months until May 2023.

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