What is the Open Call about?
The BIOMAC Open Call is one of the project’s most central activities. Our established network of pilot lines, transversal service providers and single entry point take their experience and collaborative skills out into the open market. The Europe-wide call aims to both validate and demonstrate concepts and technologies developed as part of the project. It will address established SMEs, start-ups, Research & Technology Developers, Midcaps and others with the possibility to develop their bionanomaterial project within our unique open innovation test bed environment for free.
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What can we offer to you?
The BIOMAC open call offers you the unique opportunity to access our open innovation test bed free of charge and take your bionanomaterial project from lab stage to industrial prototype. To this end you can benefit from the services of our seventeen pilot lines and three transversal service hubs to cover your entire value chain. Our processing experts cover all steps from biomass fractionation and pre-treatment, intermediate materials and nanocomposition as well as final products and formulations. In parallel, the OITB offers support in all aspects of characterization and validation, sustainability assessment and supply management, innovation management, health & safety as well as regulatory issues. As an approved Test Case, you can further profit from our extensive BIOMAC PR activities.

In short, we support your project all the way – providing you with unprecedented one-stop-shop access to our comprehensive bionanomaterial services.
How can you apply?
Applicants will liaise with BIOMAC’s single entry point (SEP) represented by Industrielle Biotechnologie Bayern Netzwerk GmbH (IBB). A call for Innovation Concepts will be designed based on questionnaires filled in by the applicants. All the members of the OITB will participate to cover all aspects of innovation. The main selection parameters will be the proof of TRL 4-5 of the applicants’ cases, the feasibility study and the complexity of the test cases. Finalized
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