Validation Hub
This group of services examines the feedstock, the technologies and the products from chemical, environmental, and economical perspective and will consists of:
Quality Control & Characterization

The validation of the novel materials will take place utilizing advanced characterization techniques evaluating functional properties (e.g., mechanical, physical, and chemical performance) (PoliMi, UBU). Promoting the bridging of materials developments with end users and real market applications, BIOMAC will enable end users in various fields that will facilitate real field tests of novel materials.


Compliance with standards of all results and defining the specific actions to direct the development activities toward existing standards and regulatory frameworks for the adoption of new technologies by the industry. Proposition of new standards for the nano bio-based materials industry will arise based on the results of the project (EUBP).

Process Validation - Modelling

In order to optimize the reliability of complex systems in the micro/nano range and their performance in real conditions. Simulation and modelling are powerful universal tools by providing suitable failure criteria and models for the evaluation of the reliability of real components. Experimental results from Characterization subsections and the combination of methods will serve to validate the simulations (IDE, ISQ, IRIS, ABIS, STAM).