Value Chain Hub
This group of services examines the feedstock, the technologies and the products from chemical, environmental, and economical perspective and will consists of:
Sustainability Assessment

To demonstrate the final processes and products’ environmental and economic sustainability, S-LCA, LCA and LCC will be performed on the develop processes and resulting materials to highlight the environmental impact versus petroleum-based benchmarks. (UBU, ISQ)

Supply management

To enhance the assessment of the overall value chain a Decision Support Tool (AXIA, RDC) will be developed to simultaneously assess the products against environmental and economic criteria. (optimization model). The tool will be further developed in the form of online user-friendly platform to secure the use from non-optimization experts.

Circular Economy

To stimulate further implementation towards the direction of circular economy a circular overview of the value chain will be undertaken that will allow the development of efficient networks identifying opportunities to foster the transition from linear to circular model evaluating the sustainability and economic feasibility. These means of assessment will confirm the future commercial viability and improvement conveying environmental and circular sourcing in consistency with the Green EU Policy. (PoliMi, AXIA, UNIPD)


An Open Call targeted to end users will be launched here in December 2022, with the aim of selecting 5 additional TeCs (textiles, medical-biomedical, tissue engineering, single-used items, etc.,) utilizing biobased nanomaterials. The Open Call will last for 6 months until May 2023.

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